Wearing the hijab in true influencer style

By Innfinity

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It takes a large enough leap of faith to dare to make something largely seen as oppressive to exalt instead to such a status that finds translation closer to such notions as empowerment. But it is in challenges like these that borders along lines of bridging the gaps, or in fact mowing down of the bridge to bring to light the truth of the contrasts that perhaps never existed in such universality from where stems a unique power of expression, of being able to have the truth manifests its own dignified reality in a world otherwise farcical even in its physical existence. The task indeed is easier said than done for it takes mountains of effort to change existing mindsets and influence abysmally stubborn mentalities specifically when the area of contention is one so guided by visual versions of what unfolds as a case in commonplace continuity. And that exactly is what makes the drivers of such change so enigmatic personalities in their own right who took it upon themselves to more accurately project the parallel run of what characterize a reality largely misinterpreted in half drawn notions of it. Interestingly though, it isn’t just an opening up of minds and eyes to the alternate weave of what makes a significant part of the whole picture portrayed upon the canvas. It also is as much about infusing very much new a lease of life into this whole representation by imbuing it with such aspects of significance it has always harboured the potential of, waiting perhaps to be explored in this assertion of uniqueness rather than unfurling across a stance of global commonality of only partial factual correctness.

We are talking indeed about the hijab- that ‘demure’ item of clothing stirring up quite the storm since forever but particularly relevant now in the still unfolding scenario of a contemporary continuation of its might. Seldom has been this certain veiled assertion of essentially Muslim leanings been explored in as positive a light of it as needs to be, finding interpretation rather across such attributes not particularly desirable. And yet, it is even in such non- convenient representation of the hijab as what sums up its identity that this free flowing piece of modest contention has managed to not part with the enduring allure of its prominence. Indeed, even in its largely dubious distinction as being a symbol of oppression brought upon by such forces of the religious steeped in their own rampant assuming of orthodox superiority, it’s surprising almost that the hijab has managed to not earn itself a far flung fall from grace at least in the esteemed holding of it by folks to whom it essentially concerns. And it is in such persisting power of its preciousness, of holding on to the dignity of its truth as devotedly believed by its many an unassuming wearers that the hijab diffuses itself with such remarkable strains of realisation through which it has now come to warrant greater world attention. And aiding it in this journey of the utmost self discovery, or rather one of coming to rest in its worthy essence are many a hijab loving souls who venture beyond the discourses of religion to view it in more cultural and social light so as to help it project its identity as an unrestricted mode of ultimate human expression.

Source: Bangladesh Post

These people furthering of the hijab cause in all diverse a prominence of it today, or rather this specific emergence of a clan of woman who have taken to making hijab a part of the ordinary way of life of the world in all its extraordinariness, have charted out a course of action that might not exactly be revolutionary as such. Unyielding of any very assertive tool of power that might help them establish the might of the hijab beyond what alludes to it, though in much misappropriation, are these new age women who have scouted out as new age means of having the world take a fancy to this furthering of feminine flair albeit in all intensity of its power, all the while keeping intact their traditional rooting deep within of which their favouring of the hijab gains prominence. Taking therefore the ‘cool’ influencer route to eke out this equally cool identity for what is otherwise a topic of heated debate and discussion, the hijabi influencers of the digital world are more than efficiently making their mark along the realms of the real, upholding with them the sanctity of an entire religion driven to disrepute by a host of factors, among which the symbolism of the hijab strikes as a rather strong manifestation. Moulding therefore an identity for the hijab to find more synchronous expression is, one that does not undermine the potency resident along its fore through exclusive interpretation in diminutive terms, these are the hijabi influencers of today eking out a fundamentally fun but equally effective path through which they are coursing, adhering in the process to an entirely different realm of specification by being a component of an excitingly new genre of what trends today as modest fashion.

Sure, the very premise across which the quintessentially simplistic hijab finds its truest expression is one intensely connected with the decorum of modesty. As a form of veil donned by Muslim women to shield themselves- their physicality most appropriately- from the undesirable gaze of unrelated men, the hijab indeed has been a very conscious way of bringing upon oneself a dignity considered necessary by certain scriptures of religion through an endowment of its recommended wearing. But as something seemingly restrictive in its expanse- perhaps both in rendering certain degree of inconvenience to the wearer at least as perceived by those not accustomed with such modes of dressing or in its essence of essentially being encompassing of the female folk, the hijab has always attracted more brickbats than bouquets. Also associated could be the handful of honest strains running along this flow of the headscarf as something at times forcefully imposed on women to present them as beings of subjugated identity, often as a way of emphasising toxic masculinity that runs rampant along the diverse fibres of what makes up the society. It is across such magnified images of this one dimensional reality that women all over have been mostly encouraged to shun the hijab and emerge instead as empowered, free individuals not confined by the vexing visage of a veil. But little do they realise than in supposedly presenting to women an alternative way out of their ‘doomed destiny’, what the world is doing- perhaps unknowingly- is in fact questioning the very choices of the many a lives it chooses to liberate. For in mindlessly submitting ourselves to the misrepresented circlings of a certain nature as something wholly true, we are instead curbing also our own freedom in logically analysing and reasoning facts and figures and letting therefore the coercive forces at play gain control over our minds and beliefs.

It is refreshing therefore to say the least to discover an altogether different assertion of identity coming to rest more certainly upon the hijab otherwise shrouded in ambiguity. In extending the essence of the hijab beyond the strictly religious or spiritual notions across which it is often understood and explored, the hijabi influencers have made their veil more a part of the mainstream. And that being a phenomenon explored through the dynamic divulgences of fashion is what makes the hijab so exciting a choice to pursue today. As an element of lifestyle willingly incorporated into their existences by a considerable portion of the global population, the hijab indeed is more deserving of recognition than what it commands. Making it a part of the larger fore of modest fashion allows the hijab to find most eloquent expression across its essence not necessarily riddled with just the supposed suffocation of it. That sure is all the more significant now than ever, since style today makes for a substantial sphere across which life unfurls, as a very desirable expression of personal identity. And in allowing themselves as much access to the choices of the sartorial along the span of something so traditionally essential and culturally significant to them, the hijabi influencers have unleashed a power emanating from the prized possession of their crown held in utmost esteem and pride. Whether it be donning the hijab in different styles and ways, or in flaunting it across a range of prints and patterns, or even furthering the allure of this crowning glory across sequins and jewels, across every single life situation from workplace to weddings, in everyday ordinariness or in fashionable assertion, the humble headscarf has finally come of age even in a world quite some distance away from attaining that milestone in its composite being. And that perhaps signifies the definitive decency of which the hijab has been wanting to harmoniously harbour all throughout.

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