13 different styles of wearing necklaces

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A definite element of fashionable expression, as one that adorns in immense charting of style while also being a mode of expression whether of individual preferences or of persona, jewelry have been accessories alluring enough ever since they have been doing up the human look from the times of antiquity. One of such jeweled entity that sits upon the most prominent area along the necked expanse and known therefore quite aptly as a necklace tends to be of particular significance since they make for more than evident appearances upon one’s person. Whether in transforming the entire look or being the showstopper themselves, necklaces are among the versatile lot of fashion accessories so coveted by one and all. Flaunting a necklace in style is so effortless yet so empathic an assertion of flair that it indeed has to be a forever fashion favorite. Like all things of the fashion world though, necklaces too defy the dimensions of singularity and assert themselves as multifaceted picks in delight, varying widely in types across size and material and the like. Here’s some such popular necklace styles to know about for an even more esteemed flaunting of this dramatic piece of fashion jewelry-

Lavalier Necklace

Any necklace that ends in a lavalier makes for a namesake assertion of this type of jewelry, lavalier in fact being the very name itself for the entire piece of this neck jewelry. Consisting of a pendant, sometimes with one stone, pendulous and centered from a necklace is this elegant indeed necklace style that took after a certain Louise de La Vallière in name. A 17th century phenomenon as frequently sported by the mistress of Louis XIV, the lavalier however came to become much more of a thing in the 1900s.

Elegant indeed in its sleek design and favored therefore by fashionistas, this is a necklace also instantly recognizable in its drop pendant attached directly to the chain. Evolving aesthetically with the times has been the lavalier that which took upon feminine, floral motifs initially and then charted instead the curves of nature before gaining prominence in geometric symmetry and diamond encrusted designs. Versatile and timeless indeed, the lavalier makes for a neckpiece worth all its weight derived from an exquisite steeping in history.

Sautoir Necklace

One of the most impressive of necklace styles in such essential attributes of it that feature pearls or beads along its length before finding its finishing flair in some pretty dangling tassels is the sautoir design of the jewelry. Usually a long assertion of the necklace, this Frenchesque naming of the necklace style has been worn historically as well and has, over the years come to embody and encompass different characteristics of design.

Choker Necklace

For all its prominence in sitting close around the neck, we would have liked to infer that the choker takes its name from its almost choking premise of wearing. That however is not at all the case defining this really historic piece of jewelry as golden versions of them were known to have been crafted by Sumerian artisans around 2500 BC. Even earlier versions of them likely existed and while these really short necklaces were believed to possess protective powers back then, they really have been well accounted for by the shifting awareness of styles. Modern day variations of this necklace type with a rather long and distinguished lineage to boast of tend in fact to be among the most stylish of the lot. Immensely versatile in that they go well with just about every attire, in just about any color or design of them and helps to spruce up looks from the formal to the dressy, these definitely unmissable necklaces complement just about every assertion of the neckline and completes any type of look. Whether it be the single strand choker or one that is more detailed and whether they sit snugly around the neck or offer instead a somewhat more relaxed fit, this surely is one jewelry worth all the hype. Beyond its fashionable quotient though, chokers have also time and again in history lent themselves to many an allusions of social significance, climbing therefore further up on the elite status both in style and in substance.

Princess Necklace

While princess necklaces indeed do define what they claim to in their elite distinction, they tend to be as essentially singled out from among the rest of the lot due to their essence as well. Most mattering is the length of these elegant beauties usually some 17 to 19 inches long which make them slightly longer than chokers. As concerns its aesthetics though, this is a regal indeed assertion of the anyway dazzling premise of jeweled identity fanciful in their shape and prominent in the thorough encrustment of it. Set in glistening gems and precious stones and featuring usually one central drop, across some pendant dangling right below the collar bone, princess necklaces tend to be rather suave pieces of accessory complementing of power dressing attributes in all their encompassment of royalty. Equally breathtaking can be the allure amassed by anyone donning these statement pieces to dress up indeed their mood and attires in conformity to special occasions.

Torque Necklace

Yet another historical assertion of the necklace and one that is ethnically distinct as well, the torque is unique indeed along all iterations of it. A neck ring rather, in what it has been worn as across different cultures at different times, the torque tends to be open in the front rather than at the nape of the neck. Also different is this spherical neckpiece in that it does not have any clasp or such other provision of its closing, rather intended to slip on and off through its imposing open ends. A definite attention grabber in such diversities of it as well as in its striking appearance unlike any necklace else, this chic indeed circular piece of jewelry that sits in close proximity to the neck is a style charting of its own.

Collar Necklace

Collar necklaces are a somewhat different assertion than the others of its clan in that they tend not to dangle as such but lies instead flat around the neck. Quite short in their length, so much so that they come to rest directly above the ​collarbone therefore encompassing essentially the collar area which is why the name of these necklaces also however known as crew necklaces in their fitting measure almost akin to crew tees. Evocative also of the look of a shirt collar and also referred to as the collier necklace after the French term, this particular style though is likely to be confused with chokers in the nature of both to not be very relaxed or rather free flowing. But while a choker most certainly fits around the neck, whether snugly or somewhat loosely, a collar necklace instead ‘rests’ just below the base of the neck. Both styles though complement perfectly such outfits that flaunt a low neckline as it lets the necklace command indeed all of the attention.

Lariat Necklace

Utterly versatile a necklace style in that it tends to be adjustable along its length is the lariat necklace that wraps around the neck in very characteristic fashion. Interesting also is this particular style that don’t come with a clasp but are rather worn by having its entire body pulled through a hollow opening which is also what makes it possible for it to be fitted to the desired length. This particular style of wearing of the lariat also endows upon it a Y shaped distinction and therefore renders it identifiable also as the Y necklace even as it finds common reference as a rope necklace as well. The reason being the chain or beads that make up a lariat form a rather long rope with one strand hanging down the other essentially extending long enough to reach as far as the belly button though it can be fitted to be sported as the way shorter choker instead by wrapping them around multiple times. A definite pick in elegance both in its sleek elongation and in its decorative drop that accentuates further the style element, the lariat necklace makes for a great accessory to define any look despite its steeping in simplicity.

Riviere Necklace

With a name so enticing even for a piece of jewelry to find prominent expression as, the riviere necklace truly makes for an exquisite adornment around the neck. Rather short in length but as standout in its facade of extravagance is this linear run of gems that encircle the neck all in either the same size and shape or graduating smoothly from the front to the back, in a seemingly flowing indeed motion from which it came to reside in the river reference. The Riviera or rivière necklaces take after the French term for river, even though they might also sometimes find expression as eternity necklaces or tennis necklaces. In existence since perhaps the early years of the 18th century and never losing even an ounce of sheen since then are these ornate indeed necklaces that are spectacular for sure in all their precious embeddings. Interesting also are such developments of the Riviera that began as a closed back necklace to later flaunt open back settings, an arrangement that endowed upon it even greater an allure if shine by allowing light to penetrate and stream all through its elements of precious sparkle. Generally worn in a singular line of gems but sometimes encompassing multiple layers is this classic charm of the Riviere necklace that makes for so much of a neckpiece worth all its dazzling distinction.

Bib Necklace

One among the shorter assertion of necklaces and making it quite evident as well along its trail of the name are the bib necklaces that are though quite a vision to behold in their very dramatic dimension. Much like a bib, these necklaces tend to have a wide front section well covering of a substantial part of the chest while tapering towards the back. Resting just below the neck and near the collar bone are these definitely up and high statement almost styles of jewelry that are anything but muted. Bold and chunky with interesting iterations of design and pattern that make them decorative indeed are bib necklaces that are steeped to the neck in the pursuit of fashion and are therefore exclusive elements of style themselves. In fact so ‘dressy’ are bib necklaces that one can afford indeed to don the most unremarkable of outfits and still emerge a fashionista in having that singular piece of band around the neck create a wholesome vibe in immense drama.

Negligee Necklace

One of the most stunningly elegant of necklace styles, the negligee might be a twist on the lavalier but is a definite beauty in all its power of delicateness. A fine chain type necklace, visibly ‘light’ along its length, the discerning feature of a negligee neckpiece is the pair of irregular, asymmetrical drops that dangle prettily in unequal lengths of them from a solitary central pendant, first emerging in the early 1900s as an ethereal indeed exploration of fashion jewelry. Very feminine and dainty in their immense elegance, the negligee though takes its name from a rather unusual assertion. As random dangles on long strands of jewelry found fancied expression at that time in fashion history pertaining to the Edwardian era, in haphazard or ‘negligent’ a manner of exuding charm, the term negligee came to be and persists still despite its namesake assertion along a different line of fashion evoking an altogether unrelated image of it.

Torsade Necklace

A very striking style of the necklace and one that is popularly sported as well, in all its encompassment of elegance as well as boldness, a torsade necklace presents rather unique a look in the category of neck jewelry. As a term that means cable or twist in French, a torsade consists of several strands of pearls or beads or even plain chains twisted and held together by a clasp. Also therefore referred to as twisters are these multi strand necklaces usually short enough to sit right up there on the neck though not quite hugging it closely, presenting an image in definite allure and dynamic distinction.

Matinee Necklace

As a necklace style identified in its length, the matinee necklace makes for an ‘ideal’ piece of jewelry in that it sits somewhere quite below the neck, landing right above the bust precisely and make therefore for great layering options. Most often beaded or embellished with stones, as precious or ordinary as they can get and therefore suiting of every type of occasion while passing also as easily for everyday wear, matinee necklaces sit best on wide necks as it helps to create an elongated illusion or on women with fuller bust and compliments particularly the high rise of necklines like the turtleneck.

Locket Necklace

Easily among the most common of necklace styles are those that sport a particular type of pendant. As pendants that can be opened, these specific types called lockets that find dangling expression from along the premises of a necklace make for a piece of jewelry that is not just pretty but also somewhat personal. Either treasuring of small portraits of a loved one or some keepsake, most commonly locks of hair are these sentimental indeed stemming of style and substance that make for one of the most popular pieces of bejeweled beauty.

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